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Javier Pena jpena at redhat.com
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Hello Tod, 

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> Hello,

> I am setting up OpenStack with Packstack – 1 Controller node + 2 Compute
> Nodes.

> In the instructions here:

> https://www.rdoproject.org/install/adding-a-compute-node/

> It says to “Set CONFIG_NEUTRON_OVS_TUNNEL_IF to eth1 or whatever name your
> network card uses.” In order to isolate tenant traffic. I have done this
> (although using ens2f1).

> After running Packstack with the answer file, my line:


> Is changed to:


> The ens2f1 has been removed.

> How do I verify in OpenStack that the tunnel has actually been created and
> that tenant traffic is actually using ens2f1?

If you used the Stein release, you will probably have OVN by default instead of OVS, so the docs will need some update (you can propose the change yourself by clicking on the "Edit on GitHub" ribbon if you are interested). 

In that case, you should have set CONFIG_NEUTRON_OVN_TUNNEL_IF=ens2f1 instead. 

For OVN, you can check the tunnels running "ovs-vsctl show". If the command shows some ports like the following: 

Port "ovn-e9d95c-0" 
Interface "ovn-e9d95c-0" 
type: geneve 
options: {csum="true", key=flow, remote_ip=""} 

With remote_ip being the IP of another machine, then the tunnel is set up correctly. 


> Thanks for your help!

> Todd Leishman

> toddleish at gmail.com

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