[rdo-list] tripleo puppet integration

Alejandro Andreu alejandro at midokura.com
Wed Dec 21 10:54:52 UTC 2016

Hi Alon,

No, it doesn't sync the modules from the undercloud. It takes the ones 
that are already present on the base image.

The way I tested was:
   - 0) [Optional] Build a custom overcloud image with your custom 
puppet modules on it and upload that to undercloud's glance
   - 1) Deploy the overcloud
   - 2) Rsync custom files to the overcloud
   - 3) SSH the overcloud and manually run "puppet apply" 
/var/lib/heat-config/ (can't remember the exact path but was something 
like this)

Hope that helps,

On 12/21/2016 09:52 AM, Dotan, Alon wrote:
> Few questions about puppet integration in tripleo:
> ·         Does the deployed nodes sync the puppet modules from the
> undercloud?
> For example:
> I modified opendailight module under /usr/share/opensatck-puppet, this
> module will be the one that runs under the deployed controller? Or the
> one that packed with the overcloud.qcow2?
> ·         How can I troubleshoot puppet modules I have module that don’t
> installed the required package from yum, I treid to exec puppet apply
> --debug --verbose  init.pp and no luck also tried to modify this package
> and nothing happened?
> Thanks,
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