[Rdo-list] Packaging the big tent (or at least part of it)

Alan Pevec apevec at gmail.com
Thu May 28 14:17:29 UTC 2015

> My reasons for thinking we should stick with Fedora infra is similar to what
> we're doing with CentOS.

Fedora is also next EL so we get to play/fix in advance with new stuff
e.g. systemd support before EL7, we developed service unit files on

> We use CBS and a lot of CentOS infra, but RDO is not _in_ CentOS. It's in a
> CentOS SIG (Cloud SIG)
> I think Fedora needs the same concept as the CentOS SIGs...

There are Fedora SIGs but hard requirements is that they need to get
their packages into Fedora i.e. Fedora doesn't have separate Koji
instance for Community Build System[*]. There's Copr but that's not
the same, it supports SRPM builds only without dist-git.


[*]  that's what Centos CBS stands for, it is NOT CentOS Build System,
for core OS there is a separate non-public legacy buildsystem, not
Koji based AFAIK

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