[Rdo-list] Packaging the big tent (or at least part of it)

Perry Myers pmyers at redhat.com
Thu May 28 13:05:11 UTC 2015

On 05/28/2015 06:58 AM, Alan Pevec wrote:
>> Don't we plan to drop Fedora dist-git? My understanding from RDO
>> meetup at the summit is that that's the plan, unless someone has clear
> I was not at meetup but that's not my conclusion from the notes in
> etherpad https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/RDO_Vancouver
> Rich, do you have an usable voice recording of the meetup or more
> detailed notes?

Since I was the one talking during this part of the meeting, I'll give 
my recollection...

We didn't discuss Fedora dist-git specifically afair. If getting out of 
Fedora and just being "on Fedora" requires us to not use Fedora 
dist-git, then I agree that could be problematic unless we have a proper 

Ideally if we could somehow continue to use dist-git and other Fedora 
infrastructure for some things, but not publish the OpenStack packages 
directly in Fedora official release, that would be ideal.

To be clear, I have no issues with Fedora (I love it and use it every 
day), but tying a single release of OpenStack to a single point release 
of Fedora (like "Kilo on Fedora 22 vs. Juno on Fedora 21") doesn't make 
a lot of sense.

What makes more sense is to say that we focus in RDO on:
* Providing the latest stable OpenStack (Kilo right now) on top of
   whatever the latest Fedora is (Fedora 22 as of yesterday)
* Providing the latest in development OpenStack (Liberty) on top of
   whatever the latest Fedora is (F22)

And as Fedora rolls forward to F23, so would our efforts. And as 
OpenStack releases Liberty, we'd stop updating Kilo packages and focus 
on Liberty for stable and 'M' for development.

So... Can we use Fedora but somehow just not include the OpenStack core 
packages in Fedora proper?

Matt, what are your thoughts?

> Before the meetup I did add few lines at the bottom of == Packaging ==
> section regarding RDO==Delorean, but I didn't see any comments.
> We cannot say RDO==Delorean and github/openstack-packages rpm-<branch>
> are not enough to be used as dist-git.
>> objections (like Fedora Infra relying on packages to run their
>> infrastructure; though in that case we would already have a problem,
>> since we dropped non-rawhide branches anyway).
> We did not drop anything, yet, until we have alternative home for dist-git.


It was just a proposal to start further discussion on list... which is 
happening now, so that's great :)

>> Also, we have packages that are not in Fedora (openstack-designate,
>> openstack-neutron-*aas, python-networking-*).
> Until we have dist-git ready in git.centos.org please do open Fedora
> review requests so we can have dist-git for them.
> Cheers,
> Alan

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