[rdo-dev] [outage][infra] RDO Cloud upgrade

Javier Pena jpena at redhat.com
Mon Dec 18 11:52:38 UTC 2017

> Hi,
> The RDO Cloud is now going through its major upgrade. This may also impact
> our CI jobs and most of our infrastructure services, please stay tuned for
> updates.
> As a preventive measure, we have stopped builds on the RDO Trunk server
> (DLRN). We will work with the RDO Cloud to ensure services are available as
> soon as possible.

Hi all,

The RDO Cloud has had issues during its upgrade, and they are still impacting us:

- DLRN builds were re-enabled during the weekend, but they are now stopped again, since a new upgrade attempt is going on.
- Nodepool got stuck during the weekend. It was investigated and the service restarted. However, since the current RDO Cloud status does not allow it to build new VMs, our CI is impacted and no new jobs are being executed at the moment in review.rdoproject.org.

We are monitoring the situation, and will work with the RDO Cloud team to restore services as soon as possible.


> Regards,
> Javier

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