[rdo-dev] [ci] rdo-infra and tripleo-ci communication between teams

Wesley Hayutin whayutin at redhat.com
Wed Dec 6 19:53:09 UTC 2017

Greetings RDO Infra teammates,

Let me begin with stating how much we appreciate the advanced level of
support that the RDO Infra team provides to its infrastructure users and
all the extra things done for lots of teams.  However, from time to time
messages between the teams are lost or not fully communicated and has lead
to some hiccups.

For example, some changes have been made to the openstack-nodepool tenant.,
the TripleO-related scripts in review.rdoproject.org and the general
infrastructure that have had a significant impact on CI. In some cases,
communication about these changes did not reach the entire TripleO CI team
in time.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we are looking for ways to
streamline communication. Below are some ideas:

- Post about the upcoming change on public mailing list (rdo-users?)
- Any emails/posts related to outages or maintenance work on
openstack-nodepool tenant have a subject prefix like
[outage]/[maintenance]. This will raise the visibility of the email in
Gmail inboxes
- Bring information about the change to an RDO CI Team meeting
- Avoid pinging one TripleO CI team member on chat - rather email the whole
- Add RDO CI team members to reviews related to the openstack-nodepool
tenant, zuul/upstream.yaml, jobs/tripleo-upstream.yml, other TripleO CI
- Perhaps a ticketing system?

Communication between teams within the production chain, in general, seems
to be mostly informal. As such,  we will propose adding a session to the
upcoming "production chain sync" meeting early next year on the topic of
inter-team information sharing. We understand that good communication goes
both ways and would be open to hearing feedback and other suggestions.

Thanks all
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