[rdo-list] automatically finding RHBZs during rebases

Ken Dreyer kdreyer at redhat.com
Thu Aug 10 16:38:55 UTC 2017

We're using Bugzilla's "External Trackers" a lot in the RH Ceph
Storage product and it really helps to correlate RHBZs to upstream

I have a quick-and-dirty Python script that looks up the GitHub pull
request IDs between Git tags and queries Bugzilla for these. This lets
me know which BZs to use in any new RPM version bumps.

I'm thinking about how to integrate this into "rdopkg new-version" so
that it is seamless. Maybe something like this:

"rdopkg new-version"
 -> determine if upstream is a GitHub project or another (not sure here)
 -> git log --merges <old-version> <new-version>
   -> Analyze the Github Pull request numbers from the Git log
      -> Search for those PRs in Bugzilla
         -> Assemble a list of rhbz numbers from those PRs
            ->  Insert these rhbz numbers into %changelog

>From what I've seen, the RH OSP team uses External Trackers
extensively as well, although I'm not super familiar with the best way
to tie all the data points together. Something like openstack.org
Gerrit change IDs -> BZs? Or does it have to go through Launchpad? We
could make rdopkg pick the right heuristic depending on the Git remote
URL pattern.

What do you think?

- Ken

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