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Rich Bowen rbowen at redhat.com
Tue Oct 11 19:36:57 UTC 2016

Here's what RDO enthusiasts have been blogging about in the last few days.

*RDO Newton Released* by Rich Bowen

    The RDO community is pleased to announce the general availability of
    the RDO build for OpenStack Newton for RPM-based distributions,
    CentOS Linux 7 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. RDO is suitable for
    building private, public, and hybrid clouds. Newton is the 14th
    release from the OpenStack project, which is the work of more than
    2700 contributors from around the world (source).

Read more at http://tm3.org/bm

*How to run Rally on Packstack environment* by mkopec

    Rally is a benchmarking tool that automates and unifies multi-node
    OpenStack deployment, cloud verification, benchmarking & profiling.
    For OpenStack deployment I used packstack tool.

Read more at http://tm3.org/bn

*TripleO Composable Services 101* by Steve Hardy

    Over the newton cycle, we've been working very hard on a major
    refactor of our heat templates and puppet manifiests, such that a
    much more granular and flexible "Composable Services" pattern is
    followed throughout our implementation.It's been a lot of work, but
    it's been a frequently requested feature for some time, so I'm
    excited to be in a position to say it's complete for Newton (kudos
    to everyone involved in making that happen!) :)This post aims to
    provide an introduction to this work, an overview of how it works
    under the hood, some simple usage examples and a roadmap for some
    related follow-on work.

Read more at http://tm3.org/8b

*TripleO composable/custom roles* by Steve Hardy

    This is a follow-up to my previous post outlining the new composable
    services interfaces , which covered the basics of the new for Newton
    composable services model.The final piece of the composability model
    we've been developing this cycle is the ability to deploy
    user-defined custom roles, in addition to (or even instead of) the
    built in TripleO roles (where a role is a group of servers, e.g
    "Controller", which runs some combination of services).What follows
    is an overview of this new functionality, the primary interfaces,
    and some usage examples and a summary of future planned work.

Read more at http://tm3.org/bo

*Ceph/RDO meetup in Barcelona at OpenStack Summit* by Rich Bowen

    If you'll be in Barcelona later this month for OpenStack Summit,
    join us for an evening with RDO and Ceph.

Read more at http://tm3.org/bp

*Translating Between RDO/RHOS and upstream releases Redux* by Adam Young

    I posted this once before, but we’ve moved on a bit since then. So,
    an update.

Read more at http://tm3.org/bq

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