[rdo-list] tripleo ha topology

Raoul Scarazzini rasca at redhat.com
Thu Dec 15 08:54:11 UTC 2016

On 15/12/2016 09:42, Dotan, Alon wrote:
> So if understood correctly HAproxy is basically a component in pcs?

It is a systemd resource managed by Pacemaker.

Raoul Scarazzini
rasca at redhat.com

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> On 14/12/2016 22:59, Dotan, Alon wrote:
>> Hey,
>> Some can provide link or explanation about the use of haproxy and 
>> pacemaker together in tripleo?
>> Why need pcs if there is galera and haproxy?
> Galera is managed via a specific resource agent which takes care of all the stuff needed to start, stop and, most of all, recover. It automates a lot of tasks which otherwise will be manual.
> Haproxy is managed by Pacemaker because of the Vips. There are specific constraints that ensures that whether a Vip change the host, haproxy service will follow.
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