[Rdo-list] Packaging the big tent (or at least part of it)

Graeme Gillies ggillies at redhat.com
Wed May 27 21:44:05 UTC 2015

On 05/28/2015 05:24 AM, Matthew Miller wrote:
> On Wed, May 27, 2015 at 09:21:12PM +0200, Haïkel wrote:
>>> Not sure I follow that — it seems similar to the existing pkgdb EPEL
>>> and Fedora branches, isn't it?
> [...]
>> If there was a possibility to improve that setup, I'm willing to give
>> it a shot but we'd have at best to manage 2 instances
>> of pkgdb.
> Oh, yeah, I was assuming a dedicated instance... On the theory that two
> instances of the same thing is more desirable than one instance of this
> and another instance of that.

While I think having an instance of pkgdb to maintain the ever growing
package base in RDO is a good thing (especially as people start needing
different acls for different packages for different projects), I still
feel it's worthwhile having something higher level (even if it's just a
wiki page) tracking the big tent projects themselves by name, and who is
responsible for them (maybe links to some of the packages in pkgdb).
Could also include a small description of the project, link to the git
repo, and maybe a link to the bugzilla bug component for it.

>From a user perspective pkgdb is a bit too low level (trying to figure
out the package name for a project can be non-trivial sometimes, and
some projects are complicated and have more than one "main package").
All I want to know is "Is Designate in RDO? If not, has someone
committed to packaging it? What's its progress? If it's in RDO, who's
responsible for it? How do I flag problems?".

Then if someone (perhaps from a project itself) wants to get it into
RDO, we can have a small workflow for getting it review, dist git
branches setup, and the page officially updated to say this project is
incoming to RDO (and then updated when it's officially in).

I'll volunteer to help run/maintain such a page/db if people think it's
a good idea



Graeme Gillies
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