[Rdo-list] [meeting] RDO packaging meeting minutes (2015-05-13)

Haller, John H (John) john.haller at alcatel-lucent.com
Wed May 13 16:39:07 UTC 2015

> Subject: [Rdo-list] [meeting] RDO packaging meeting minutes (2015-05-
> 13)
> * RDO Kilo GA  (apevec, 15:04:56)
>   * EL7 is GA, Fedora coming (incomplete repo)  (apevec, 15:05:13)
>   * ACTION: apevec complete RDO Kilo Fedora repo  (apevec, 15:05:34)

Looking at the el7 repository, there are 3 packages issued in December:

For openstack-utils, it looks like a new release tag (and corresponding RPM name bump) is needed, there are some changes made in February and April which look useful:
Commits since December:
openstack-status: list nova instances for all tenants (April 29)
openstack-status: list tuskar and ironic services (April 29)
openstack-status: list all nova optional services (February 3)

For python-cinderclient, there was a 1.2.0 released 22 days ago, followed by a 1.2.1 6 days ago, see release notes:

All of these look like Kilo-related changes

John Haller

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