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There is a WG for openstack operators.
It is very active and had met at multiple summits.
In order to be even more responsive to Operators and Users there a new openstack Product WG that has presentation on the first day of the summit.
To be fair Openstack projects are much more responsive to Operator input now and over last 2 releases work much more rigorously on robustness and testing.
Distributed CI and testing of all PRs on (cinder, neutron, and other) drivers as part of CI is key example of it, neutron stability and transition plan from nova-networking to neutron (not just deprecation) is another.

RedHat and Dell work on HA and Ceph integration are another example of it.
Albeit we need to integrate it into RDO.
And much much more in pipeline.

Definitely will be interested in talking to a person. Encourage him/her to attend Operator WG meetings. The more we understand operational requirements of Customers the better off we can make RDO fit their needs.


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I had a very interesting conversation with a large-scale OpenStack user at ApacheCon a week ago, who was complaining about the disconnect between OpenStack developers and the actual OpenStack operators who deploy OpenStack in the real world.

He felt that the OpenStack developers are out of touch with what it takes to run clouds in the real world, and are developing features that are academically interesting but practically useless.

I mention this here because he promised to block out some time to sit down with me, and possibly some of you, in Vancouver, to discuss his concerns, and where he feels that the disconnects are. So I was wondering if any of you might be interested in sitting in on such a conversation, and seeing what we can learn.

(And, yes, he's having this conversation in the upstream as well, not just with me. The organization in question is a large one, and has been a frequent sponsor of the OpenStack Design Summit.)

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