[Rdo-list] [Upcoming] Fedora 22 Virtualization Test Day on 16-APR-2015

Kashyap Chamarthy kchamart at redhat.com
Tue Apr 14 11:13:26 UTC 2015


If you use Virtualization on Fedora for OpenStack development/test, and
have a few spare cycles, you might want to participate in the upcoming
(day after tomorrow) Virtualization test day for Fedora 22.

Announcement[1] from fedora-virt list[1]:

  "A reminder that the Fedora 22 Virt Test Day is this coming Thu Apr
  16.  Check out the test day landing page:
  It's a great time to make sure your virt workflow is still working
  correctly with the latest packages in Fedora 22. No requirement to run
  through test cases on the wiki, just show up and let us know what
  works (or breaks).
  Updating to a development release of Fedora scares some people, but
  it's NOT required to help out with the test day: you can test the
  latest virt bits on the latest Fedora release courtesy of the
  virt-preview repo. For more details, as well as easy instructions on
  updating to Fedora 22, see:
  Though running latest Fedora 22 on a physical machine is still
  preferred :)
  If you want to help out, pop into #fedora-test-day on Thursday and
  give us a shout!"

[1] https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/virt/2015-April/004259.html


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