[Rdo-list] Glance does not save properties of images

Tzach Shefi tshefi at redhat.com
Thu Jan 30 12:22:58 UTC 2014

Hello Daniel, 

On your posted glance-api.con noticed default_store = rbd, assuming Glance back end is CEPH (correct?). 

Just installed AIO RDO Havana on RHEL 6.5. 
Is_public updated successfully via Horizon\CLI, image shows up as public on Horizon\image-show. 

I'm assuming (the obvious..) that you checked this on more than just that one image, eliminates a single bad image as source of this problem.  
BTW what type\source of image was used\checked? 

Another difference in setups mine notifier_strategy =QPID your's uses rabbit. 


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> Could you please share the commands your using?
>     - How are you adding the properties?
>     - How are you reading the propoerties?
> You're sharing your registry.log configurations which means you've
> configured the registry. Could you share how you did that?
> Thanks,
> flaper

These are required properties when adding any Glance image (disk_format and container_format). I was trying to set is_public through 'glance image-edit' and Horizon. The change seems to be accepted (no error) but on subsequent image-show it's just not there.

Registry and API are set up almost by defaults:
glance-registry.conf: http://pastebin.com/M7Ybjnf9
glance-api.conf: http://pastebin.com/5sPXr3mG

Daniel Speichert

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