[Rdo-list] pythonclients completion scripts raise errors on zsh

Jan van Eldik Jan.van.Eldik at cern.ch
Wed Jan 29 04:31:53 UTC 2014

Hi Jakub,

> I planned to move them to /etc/bash-completion.d with RHEL 7 which will
> include bash-completion package but if this is causing troubles already,
> I can make even epel-6 RDO packages use bash-completion because RDO
> already requires epel which provides bash-completion.

That would be great. Our workaround is to remove the /etc/profile.d 
files, but a proper fox would be much better.

This concerns the 4 RPMs python-{cinder,nova,keystone,neutron}client 
(possibly more).

             tia, cheers, Jan

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