[Rdo-list] Fedora 20 / Devstack Networking Issues

Tomas Sedovic tsedovic at redhat.com
Mon Jan 27 14:34:19 UTC 2014

On 26/01/14 06:01, Perry Myers wrote:
> Ok, I've been chasing down some networking issues along with some other
> folks.  Here's what I'm seeing:
> I did note though that access to Horizon does not work.  I need to
> investigate this further.

Regarding Horizon, try switching SElinux to Permissive and restarting 

I seem to remember an issue where SElinux blocked httpd from writing 
some files Horizon needs (file locks, compiled assets, etc.).

I completely forgot about that and it's quite possible this has been 
fixed already. If not, we should probably raise that as a separate issue.

> But worse than that is when you run nova boot, the host to guest
> networking (remember this is devstack running in a VM) immediately gets
> disconnected.  This issue is 100% reproducible and multiple users are
> reporting it (tsedovic, eharney, bnemec cc'd)
> I did some investigation when this happens and here's what I found...
> If I do:
> $ brctl delif br100 eth0
> I was immediately able to ping the guest from the host and vice versa.
> If I reattach eth0 back to br100, networking stops again
> Another thing... I notice that on the system br100 does not have an ip
> address, but eth0 does.  I thought when doing bridged networking like
> this, the bridge should have the ip address and the physical iface that
> is attached to the bridge does not get an ip addr.
> So... I tweaked /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 to remove the
> dhcp from the bootproto line and I copied ifcfg-eth0 to ifcfg-br100
> allowing it to use bootproto dhcp
> I brought both ifaces down and then brought them both up.  eth0 first
> and br100 second
> This time, br100 got the dhcp address from the host and networking
> worked fine.
> So is this just an issue with how nova is setting up bridges?
> Since this network disconnect didn't happen until nova launched a vm, I
> imagine this isn't a problem with devstack itself, but is likely an
> issue with Nova Networking somehow.
> Russell/DanS, is there any chance that all of the refactoring you did in
> Nova Networking very recently introduce a regression?
> Perry

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