[Rdo-list] pythonclients completion scripts raise errors on zsh

Stefano Zilli stefano.zilli at cern.ch
Mon Jan 27 10:51:32 UTC 2014


We are currently testing Havana python-{cinder,nova,keystone}client rpms and we noticed that completion files have been moved to /etc/profile.d.
This is causing the following errors in zsh shells and, as a consequence, it's blocking the deployment in production.

/etc/profile.d/cinder.sh:15: command not found: complete
/etc/profile.d/keystone.sh:27: command not found: complete
/etc/profile.d/nova.sh:27: command not found: complete

Wouldn't be better to have some kind of guard at the beginning of those files like "[ -z "$BASH_VERSION" ] && return" to avoid the execution on non-bash shells?

Stefano Zilli

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