[Rdo-list] CentOS Cloud Sig efforts

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at cern.ch
Wed Jan 22 17:21:22 UTC 2014

Will it also include the good levels of mongodb and the various python libraries ?

It would also be great to have images that could be used inside RDO (i.e. RDO on RDO).

Is CentOS also planning on producing an OpenStack compatible image which can just be uploaded to Glance as part of their standard deliverable?


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> There is a meeting scheduled with the CentOS community on Thursday this week to work out some of the details of the new Cloud SIG.
> Anyone interested is welcome to attend (meeting details are below).  Rich and I will be representing the RDO community, and we wanted
> to reach out to make sure we cover everything that we want to get out of the new SIG.
> Current things we know we want:
> * place to deliver common packages like kernel, kvm, etc
> * variant that includes RDO packages
> * ability to build and deliver CentOS based LiveCD images that contain RDO code
> * ability to build and deliver CentOS based guest images
> * ability to build and deliver RDO packages
> * Ability to produce custom install media with RDO branding
> Please let us know if there are any other things that I'm missing or that you think should be included.
> Thanks
> Mike
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> Meeting details:
> I'd like to invite everyone wanting to contribute to the Cloud SIG and representing a project outside centos.org to come along for a chat on
> google hangout at the CentOS OfficeHours 23rd Jan 2014 @ 16:00 UTC.
> Because we only have a few slots for people to talk, I've shortlisted these folks:
> OpenStack: Mike Burns, Dave Neary, Rich Bowen
> Eucalyptus: Greg DK
> OpenNebula: Jaime Melis
> CloudStack: Sebastien Goasguen
> oVirt: Doron Fediuck
> If you want to be on this list, please get in touch. If you are on this list but cant make it at that date/time, please nominate someone else in
> your place and let me know their email address so I can notify them of the url to join.
> This will be a video/audio session and will be publicly broadcast over youtube/hangouts on air; the recording of the session will be
> available immediately after. Bonus cookies for everyone who turns up in their project tshirts!
> You can see what time that is on your local timezone at this url :
> http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20140123T16&am=30
> About the session:
> - Plan on an hour
> - Every project should do a few minutes worth of a pitch about what they would like to see as a good first goal and a good longer term
> goal.
> - We can then discuss delivery mechanis, and how the forward maintenance of the projects payload is going to work ( essentially, workout
> how the rpms will map to os/ and updates/ )
> - Consider the workflow from git.centos.org ( KB to do a 5 min demo )
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