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On 01/14/2014 10:06 AM, Rich Bowen wrote:
> Mike Burns and I have been meeting by phone for a few months to 
> discuss various things around the RDO community. This call has grown, 
> and this morning we moved it to IRC both to accommodate that growth 
> and to make what we're working on a little more transparent to the 
> community. We're going to do this regularly, 9am eastern time, on the 
> #rdo channel on Freenode.
> The notes from this morning's chat are at 
> http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/rdo/2014-01-14/rdo_community_meeting.2014-01-14-14.02.html 
> ... however, it appears that we didn't do the log bot commands 
> correctly, so I'll try to post a followup with the notes a little more 
> coherent. A full log is at 
> http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/rdo/2014-01-14/rdo_community_meeting.2014-01-14-14.02.log.html 
> but I don't expect anybody wants to read through that.

Ok, here's the more coherent meeting summary. Meanwhile, we'll figure 
out the log bot before the next time.

*#topic RDO Community meeting**
**Ether pad at: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/rdo_community_manager_sync*

Test Day:

M2 release is scheduled for January 23rd. Although an initial date of 
the 30th was suggested for the next test day, we want to be sure that we 
have packages for all of the relevant platforms, and that QA has had a 
chance to test them so that folks don't all run into the same issues. 
February 4th and 5th have been suggested for possible test days. (Dates 
are NOT final.)

Action: Rich will follow up on rdo-list with email about proposed dates 
to see if this works for everyone.
Action: Rich will also write up a blog post for RedHatStack for wider 
Action: Flavio said he'd try to get Marconi packaged up for the test day.


I'd like to start doing the hangouts again. We had a good start, and 
then I dropped it. So I need to start bugging people about doing some 
more. If you'd like to volunteer for a 30-60 minute presentation on what 
you're working on, please speak up.

February Newsletter:

I'm starting to gather items to write about in the February RDO newsletter.


We send this out to about 2000 people every month. If you're not on 
there, you can join at 
http://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/rdo-newsletter  If you have 
anything you'd like to have mentioned in the newsletter, please add it 
to that etherpad. If you'd like to write something for the newsletter, 
please contact rbowen at redhat.com.

Current topics include:

     IRC meetings
     CentOS Cloud SIG
     RDO bug triage meeting


FOSDEM is February 1-2 in Brussels. Rich is planning to do (audio) 
interviews (10 minutes roughly) with anybody and everybody that's 
involved in RDO. These might be used on the RDO site, or on Joe 
Brockmeier's new 'Cloud Forecast' podcast. See 
http://drbacchus.com/flavio-percoco-on-openstack-marconi for an example 
of the ones that I did at OpenStack Summit. If you'd like to talk to the 
world about what you're doing on OpenStack, and you'll be at FOSDEM, 
just come talk to me. I'll have my recorder in my pocket.

If you'd like to talk about what you're doing on OpenStack and you won't 
be at FOSDEM, email rbowen at redhat.com and we'll set up a phone/skype thing.

The schedule for the Virtualization/IaaS devroom at FOSDEM has been 
posted. https://fosdem.org/2014/schedule/track/virtualisation_and_iaas/

After FOSDEM, there's a second event called Infrastructure.next. I 
posted to rdo-list about it last week: 

If you'd like to speak at infrastructure.next contact jzb at redhat.com

Bitergia Stats


Not much to say here, other than, we have cool stats, done by the same 
folks that do Stackalytics - Bitergia.  They're interesting and 
informative, and if you haven't looked yet, have a look. They're pretty 
awesome, particularly if you're a stats geek like me.

CentOS Cloud SIG

If you're not on the centos-devel mailing list, it would be a good thing 
to join if you're interested in RDO on CentOS. 

mburned, and many other people, have started "Let's have a Cloud SIG" 
thread. There's an organizational kickoff meeting for the CentOS Cloud 
SIG on a Google hangout on 23-Jan.

The consensus is, I think, coming around to let's have one unified cloud 
sig with variants for each cloud platform (openstack, eucalyptus, 
opennebula, cloudstack, and so on) There's clearly a lot of energy, and 
people wanting to see this happen. So jump in and speak up.

Bug triage meeting

A bug triage meeting has been organized for the 3rd Wednesday of each 
month here on IRC. First meeting set for tomorrow 15-Jan at the same 
time as this meeting.

We'll review the current open issues and bugs during this meeting. We'll 
also re-evaluate the recurrence of this meeting if we find that it's too 
much or not enough.


Anyone interested in participating can just show up.

Open Forum Questions

(See list in etherpad)

People have been incredibly responsive when I've bugged them about 
answering questions. There are, however, a handful of questions - 
probably the first 4 in the list - that have been open a long time and 
could use some love. I also need to figure out how to filter questions 
that are answered, but the answer hasn't been accepted. I don't know how 
many folks actually bother to accept/agree the answer - it's not very 
many. So there's actually a lot of questions where someone has posted an 
answer, but it's not really an answer, it's more of a comment.

Proposal: Add a "solution-proposed" flag or similar. But we need people 
to have enough karma to convert comments to answers and vice versa, and 
to add tags.

is the unanswered RDO list. 17 this morning. We've been holding at 
around 9 for the last few weeks.

I also need to work some with the API to get some reports of things that 
have been unanswered and/or without activity for a long time.

Rich Bowen - rbowen at redhat.com
OpenStack Community Liaison

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