[Rdo-list] FOSDEM and Infrastructure.next

Rich Bowen rbowen at redhat.com
Thu Jan 9 21:00:41 UTC 2014

I'll be at FOSDEM ( https://fosdem.org/2014/) in a few weeks, and 
wondered if any of you folks will be there. It would be cool to meet 
some of you and maybe grab a few of the famed Belgian beers with you.

Also, in the days right after FOSDEM, there's going to be an event in 
Ghent - a short train ride away - called Infrastructure.Next

 From the blog post ( 
Infrastructure.Next is the event for people interested in the evolving 
tools and projects for managing large-scale IT infrastructure. From 
storage to configuration management to virtualization infrastructure, 
all the way to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

So if you're interested in the "Virtualization and Iaas" track at 
FOSDEM, you may also be interested in sticking around for a few more 
days for Infrastructure.Next. And, just as importantly, if you want to 
speak at Infrastructure.next, please get in touch either with me, or 
with jzb at redhat.com

Rich Bowen -rbowen at redhat.com
OpenStack Community Liaison

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