[Rdo-list] Time-based mass bug update w/ stock responses for RDO bugs? (like Fedora)

Rich Bowen rbowen at redhat.com
Thu Jan 9 15:19:47 UTC 2014

I definitely like the idea  of auto-updating tickets in this way. I'm 
not keen on auto-closing tickets, but if we bump a ticket (like, with a 
"please try the new release" message) and there's no response in N 
weeks, then it may make sense to do this. We have a lot of cases of 
people posting to ask.openstack and simultaneously opening a ticket, and 
it's not clear, from following both, which one they're actually tracking.


On 01/09/2014 06:48 AM, Kashyap Chamarthy wrote:
> We're (pbrady, mrunge, me) having this discussion on IRC, just wanted to
> post it to wider audience who're asleep/just waking up.
> I was thinking (in future) if it makes sense to mass update RDO bugs
> with stock responses (like please try w/ blah version, etc) when we move
> from one version to another (e.g. how Fedora does) to humanly keep
> up2date with stale bugs, unresponsive reporters, etc.
> Points of view (slightly edited for readability)
> --------------
>    - mrunge: "I like the idea on auto-updating or closing bugs. It's not
>      ideal, but helps to reduce the number of bugs, which were forgotten
>      for whatever reason."
>    - pbrady: "kashyap, I think your suggestion of more
>      involved RDO/Fedora bug triage would obviate the need for that.
>      We kinda got that (auto-updating) automatically when the bugs were
>      in Fedora bugzilla, and since openstack release cadence matched
>      Fedora's. But with the move to separate RDO product
>      (in bugzilla, i.e.) and with the diverging OpenStack
>      and Fedora release cadence, a similar separate mechanism
>      would be useful
>      Re: non openstack project bugs, I suppose fortnightly we could do
>      half the "packaging" call on #rdo to triage distro bugs"
> Any other constructive opinions?
> mrunge, pbrady: Don't hesitate to yell if I misrepresented your comments.

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