[Rdo-list] Time-based mass bug update w/ stock responses for RDO bugs? (like Fedora)

Kashyap Chamarthy kchamart at redhat.com
Thu Jan 9 11:48:21 UTC 2014

We're (pbrady, mrunge, me) having this discussion on IRC, just wanted to
post it to wider audience who're asleep/just waking up.

I was thinking (in future) if it makes sense to mass update RDO bugs
with stock responses (like please try w/ blah version, etc) when we move
from one version to another (e.g. how Fedora does) to humanly keep
up2date with stale bugs, unresponsive reporters, etc.

Points of view (slightly edited for readability)

  - mrunge: "I like the idea on auto-updating or closing bugs. It's not
    ideal, but helps to reduce the number of bugs, which were forgotten
    for whatever reason."

  - pbrady: "kashyap, I think your suggestion of more
    involved RDO/Fedora bug triage would obviate the need for that.

    We kinda got that (auto-updating) automatically when the bugs were
    in Fedora bugzilla, and since openstack release cadence matched
    Fedora's. But with the move to separate RDO product
    (in bugzilla, i.e.) and with the diverging OpenStack
    and Fedora release cadence, a similar separate mechanism
    would be useful

    Re: non openstack project bugs, I suppose fortnightly we could do
    half the "packaging" call on #rdo to triage distro bugs"

Any other constructive opinions?

mrunge, pbrady: Don't hesitate to yell if I misrepresented your comments.


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