[Rdo-list] RDO forum unanswered posts

Rich Bowen rbowen at redhat.com
Tue Jun 25 17:34:35 UTC 2013

On 06/25/2013 11:32 AM, Dave Neary wrote:
> Hi,
> On 06/25/2013 05:02 PM, Perry Myers wrote:
>> Likewise, any chance we could get an 'unresolved' list?  That way we
>> could see posts that have been answered (at least once) but are still
>> pending some resolution?
> Marking discussions "RESOLVED" in the title, or with a resolved label,
> has not scaled. I don't know how else to measure whether a thread is
> resolved or not. Are you suggesting we retroactively resolve all the
> threads which have been resolved to date? There are a great many where
> the original poster hasn't let us know one way or another.

Yeah, I wanted to do something like that, but there's simply no reliable 
way to tell whether a given post has reached resolution. There's also a 
lot of posts that have had a response, but no answer. Like, the response 
was a 'me too' or was a 'is anyone out there', and now it doesn't show 
up in the 'unanswered' query.

So, this is a very rough estimate.

Rich Bowen
OpenStack Community Liaison

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