[rdo-users] launching vm instance failed

Qi, Congyun (NSB - CN/Shanghai) congyun.qi at nokia-sbell.com
Tue Sep 8 07:19:49 UTC 2020

Hello specialist,

I want to deploy a trial OpenStack platform via RDO installing method. My brief operating step is listed below:

1)       Select 5 blade servers in one HP C7000 blade enclosure server, the 1st blade is defined controller node, the 2nd-5th is thought of compute node, each blade server is installed 1 10G ethernet adapter which has 2 10G ethernet port.

2)       Each blade server is installed centos7.8 Linux, each blade's 1st ethernet port is defined SRIOV compute port which is named eno49 in Linux, the 2nd ethernet port is defined OpenVswitch port.

3)       Install openstack repository whose version is "train", install "packstack" package, and generate an answer-file by command "packstack --gen-answer-file=xxxxx", and then modify some relative parameters to install the openstack service, add ml2 type, add 4 compute node, and so on.

4)       Do the command "packstack -answer-file=xxxxx" to deploy the openstack, the openstack can be deployed successfully, the ML2 type is OVN.

5)       The image is created, the network, subnet and port is created, and the flavor is created, then an instance is tried to be launched, but the VM failed to be launched once again, some logs is attached.

Could you help to check why the VM instance can't be launched successfully.

Thanks so much.

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