[rdo-users] [rdo-dev] [RDO] Weekly status for 2019-12-27

YATIN KAREL yatinkarel at gmail.com
Mon Dec 30 12:32:05 UTC 2019

  * Latest promotions (TripleO CI) for Stein from 24th December, Train from
26th December and Master from 19th December.
  * Master have couple of blocker issues.

  * Cinder-tempest-plugin updated in Train/Ussuri
  * Tobiko is pinned in Ussuri as it has dropped python2 support
  * Tobiko is pinned in Train to avoid breakages caused by master commits
    as Train is released, maintainer can ask to unpin if they want to
support master commits in Train
  * New package tripleo-operator-ansible is being added in Ussuri
  * New package networking-omnipath is being added in Ussuri

CentOS8 Preparation:
  * DLRN worker for CentOS8 on master is consistent and running:
  * DLRN worker for CentOS8 on Train is consistent and running:
  * Dependencies are synchronized in trunk.rdoproject.org in centos8-master.
  * Changes in distgits and rdoinfo updates are being gated with DLRN
builds on CentOS8.
  * Weirdo CentOS8 jobs are being added in RDO for gating packages and
  * Review to add CentOS8 dependencies is WIP:
    * https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/24274/
  * CentOS8 jobs are added in packstack check pipeline.
  * CentOS8 in p-o-i is being added https://review.opendev.org/#/c/698142/.

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