[rdo-dev] Building and shipping RPMs from Ansible collections

Sorin Sbarnea ssbarnea at redhat.com
Tue Feb 25 11:35:40 UTC 2020

Regarding "TripleO is not tested with Ubuntu" statement, let me give one random example:

Look at: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/709188/

All "tox" jobs (linters, unittests, molecule) are running on Ubuntu upstream and they so test bits of tripleo code, on Ubuntu.

Also upstream molecule jobs are based on tox, so at least some of them run **from** ubuntu, with redhat hosts (containers or VMs).

What we need to remember is that Controller can be an Ubuntu machine, and I am not sure if we can fully avoid that.

So, instead of saying "is not tested with Ubuntu", we should better say that we "do not test deployment on non redhat platforms".

The funny part comes in: when you install ansible modules/collections, you are high-likely to do it on the controller, where you may not even have sudo.

> On 25 Feb 2020, at 11:06, Alan Pevec <apevec at redhat.com> wrote:
>> Even worse: upstream testing is done using Ubuntu, does this mean that we start building debs too?
> TripleO is not tested with Ubuntu and we don't ship anything in OSP
> for Ubuntu, so no, we're not going to start building debs.
>> Ansible 2.9 introduced a way to install modules, via collections, which is not platform dependent.
> We need to test what we ship to customers, so we need to figure that
> out first for Ansible, together with the Ansible team.
> Has shipping on Red Hat CDN for Collections been defined by the
> Ansible organization?
> e.g. for Python we do not ship wheels, we ship Python RPMs. OTOH, for
> CI pieces which do not get shipped to customers installing from pypi
> is fine and we're doing it, so native Ansible Collections for CI
> framework dependencies will be fine too.
> Alan

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