[rdo-dev] Fwd: [Ask OpenStack] 7 updates about "glance", "federation", "networking-ovn", "websso", "pci-passthrough" and more

Rain Leander rleander at redhat.com
Fri Oct 18 10:19:29 UTC 2019

Hello RDO Users and Developers!

There are a few new and outstanding questions on ask.openstack.org; if you
could take a few minutes out of your day to give them a glance, especially
if it's your speciality, we'd be super thankful!

Ask OpenStack has these updates, please have a look:

   - Glance timeout writing chunk
   - Any document providing step by step ADD Octavia installation
   rev, 1 ans, 1 ans rev)
   - PCI-passthrough with RTX2080Ti?
   question, 1 ans, 1 ans rev)
   - opensatck stein OVN network didnt connect to the Internet
   - How can I use VirtIO SCSI by default?
   - Could not map user while setting ephemeral user identity. Either
   mapping rules must specify user id/name or REMOTE_USER environment variable
   must be set.
   - Custom Router Image as the Neutron router

Thanks so much!
K Rain Leander
OpenStack Community Liaison
Open Source Program Office
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