[rdo-dev] Build Rdo Train in RHEL 8 on LinuxONE

Shi Lin Huang shilin.huang at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Fri Oct 18 03:24:41 UTC 2019


Last week I asked RDO related question in CentOS-devel mail list, you 
can see the question from bottom link [1]. Thanks for Alfredo kindly 

After we do some POC to build packages in link [2] , I still have some 

1. We want contribute to RDO community, let RDO add s390x architecture 
build. As there is no CentOS s390x architecture build in CentOS 
repositories, we can only build and test RDO packages in RHEL, Is it 
possiable we add RDO s390x  build without CentOS s390x architecture 
build? Build CentOS might need much more effort and time.

2. I'm trying building RDO Train packages in [2] in RHEL 8 on LinuxONE, 
seems there are some package missing, such as python-d2to1. Should I 
switch to build RDO Train in RHEL 7 as the start step, wait until RDO 
train for CentOS 8 is ready?

3. For RDO Train on RHEL 8, can I expect python 3 is the default Python 
interpreter for all OpenStack packages and dependecy packages?

Thank you.

[2] https://trunk.rdoproject.org/rhel8-master/

Shi Lin, Huang
shilinh at cn.ibm.com
IBM China Systems Lab, Beijing, China

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