[rdo-dev] Project hangouts/videos

Rich Bowen rbowen at redhat.com
Wed Nov 22 13:23:41 UTC 2017

Long ago, we used to do monthly (or even more frequent) hangouts 
covering a variety of topics around RDO and OpenStack in general. This 
feel by the wayside at some point.

I'd like to start doing those again, following the same model as the 
interviews from the PTG last month - 
if you haven't seen them yet.

I'll be reaching out to the various project PTLs, but wanted to start 
with this list here to get started.

If you would like to talk about your work in OpenStack Upstream - 30 
minutes or less - please let me know, and I'll begin to draw up a 
schedule. I'd like to start with one every two weeks, and as we'll be 
recording them they can happen any time of day that's convenient for you 
- ie, not necessarily live events that people will "attend".


Rich Bowen: Community Architect
rbowen at redhat.com
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