[rdo-list] RDO Mitaka with Ceph Jewel ?

Matthew Taylor mtaylor at mty.net.au
Thu Aug 31 12:39:10 UTC 2017


I would probably upgrade Ceph first.

Hammer to Infernalis was a big jump, mainly looking at the changes with 
how the daemon runs under 'ceph' user, instead of 'root'. It also has 
it's own quirks (ie. ulimits) too.

I can also confirm that Mitaka + Infernalis works fine (I have that in 


On 31/8/17 20:07, Marianne Lombard wrote:
> I have an Openstack Mitaka cloud with Ceph Hammer at work
> We are planning to upgrade ceph to jewel soon but we need to wait a 
> bit before upgrading to Newton (or superior)
> Does any of you run Mitaka with Jewel ? (especially for nova, cinder 
> and glance)
> Thanks
> Marianne

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