[rdo-list] UEFI support Mitaka

Charles Short cems at ebi.ac.uk
Tue Oct 4 10:02:01 UTC 2016


I am using TripleO to deploy Stable Mitaka  on HP BL460c Gen9 blades.

I set my config up for grub2 (not Elilo) UEFI  iPXE mode as per  -


In UEFI mode I get a kernel panic on iPXE boot during introspection when 
I use the pre-built Mitaka CentOS images ( 
If I try building my own images with the latest CentOS cloud image I 
have the same problem.

If I replace the kernel with the latest kernel from ELRepo then all 
works fine and I can introspect and create a working stack.

This thread sort of explains the issue -


So It looks like this issue is fixed in a kernel that does not yet ship 
with CentOS.

Has anyone else been struggling with this?

I am probably going to revert to HP legacy BIOS mode as I don't want to 
run my stack on a non standard setup.



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