[rdo-list] Horizon/Dashboard doesnt show all domains for admin user?

Matthias Runge mrunge at redhat.com
Tue Dec 13 08:15:17 UTC 2016

On 12/12/16 19:05, Taisto Qvist wrote:
> So this is unsupported then? Dashboard cant handle multiple domains?
> TQ
> 2016-12-01 22:30 GMT+01:00 Taisto Qvist <taisto.qvist at gmail.com
> <mailto:taisto.qvist at gmail.com>>:
>     I am not sure if I am trying something that shouldn't work (yet),
>     but I cant make horizon list all domains available for an admin
>     user, either in Newton or Mitaka, using latest centos/rdo-release repos.
>     I created
>     https://ask.openstack.org/en/question/99391/is-horizondashboard-not-fully-domain-capable-in-mitaka/
>     <https://ask.openstack.org/en/question/99391/is-horizondashboard-not-fully-domain-capable-in-mitaka/>
>     but hasnt got any answers, and now I tried with Newton with the same
>     results.
>     Horizon has a button for "Set Domain Context" which I have
>     understood as IF i set it, the listing of projects and users, will
>     be in that domain context. But its kind of difficult to use, since I
>     can never se any additional domains, apart from the domain of the
>     user that is logged into horizon.
>     I havent started using the domains-version of policy.json yet(since
>     then non domain-wide admin users cant even do "show" on their own
>     project/domain *name*), but I dont t h i n k that should be the
>     reason....?
>     If I had policy problems, surely dashboard would complain when
>     trying to list domains, if that was the issue, and NOT using the
>     domains-enabled policy file makes the admin role/rights "wider", not
>     more restrictive. Anyway, it is certainly quick to complain otherwise...
>     Do I need to run delorean repos?
>     Here is a link to the admin users("teacher") rights/roles, etc, if
>     that helps. http://pastebin.com/KmKshF8P
>     Thankful for any help you can provide.

The tokens are scoped to a single domain. Horizons multi domain support
was a bit ancient in mitaka, I don't have an insight how that changed in
Unfortunately, terms are mixed and misused. What you get in Horizon is
not what keystone supports. (Horizon emulated multi domains by querying
multiple keystones).

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