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Rich Bowen rbowen at redhat.com
Mon Dec 12 14:49:33 UTC 2016

Here's what RDO enthusiasts have been posting about in the last week:

Digital Foundations – Challenges CIOs Must Embrace by Eric D. Schabell

When building anything substantial, such as a house or bridge, you start
by laying down a solid foundation. Nothing changes this aspect of
building brick by brick when you move from traditional constructions to
application development and architecting your supporting infrastructure.
Throw in Cloud terminology and you might think that the principles of a
solid foundation are a bit flighty, but nothing is further from the truth.

Read more at http://tm3.org/cv

Is OpenStack Neutron ML2/OVS Production Ready for Large Scale
Deployments? by assafmuller

One of my personal highlights of the recent Barcelona Summit was a
session by Mirantis engineers Elena and Oleg titled “Is OpenStack
Neutron Production Ready for Large Scale Deployments?”. In the session
they outline a comprehensive control and data plane testing effort, run
on two labs, one with 200 nodes and run of the mill hardware, and the
other with 378 and top of the line hardware, all running the Mirantis
distribution based off Mitaka with standard ML2/OVS, DVR, L2POP and
VXLAN. In the session they show near line-rate speed for east/west and
north/south routing with jumbo frames and VXLAN offload enabled. They
were also able to spawn 24,500 VMs across 125 networks without errors
and low CPU consumption.

Read more at http://tm3.org/cw

Keystone Development Bootstrap with Service Catalog by Adam Young

My Last post showed how to get a working Keystone server. Or did it.

Read more at http://tm3.org/cx

QEMU Advent Calendar 2016 by kashyapc

The QEMU Advent Calendar website 2016 features a QEMU disk image each
day from 01-DEC to 24 DEC. Each day a new package becomes available for
download (of format tar.xz) which contains a file describing the image
(readme.txt or similar), and a little run shell script that starts QEMU
with the recommended command-line parameters for the disk image.

Read more at http://tm3.org/cy

Keystone development server on Fedora 25 by Adam Young

While Unit tests are essential to development, I often want to check the
complete flow of a feature against a running keystone server as well. I
recently upgraded to Fedora 25, and had to reset my environment. Here is
how I set up for development.

Read more at http://tm3.org/cz

6 videos on how to install Red Hat OpenStack Platform and CloudForms by
Marcos Garcia - Principal Technical Marketing Manager

Our excellent Training & Certification team has posted some videos in
our RedHatCloud youtube channel that quickly go over the installation
procedure of Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8, and how to boot a CloudForms
instance to perform basic management functions. Kudos to our awesome
video team (Jim Meegan and Ben Oliver) and to our curriculum architect
(Forrest Taylor).

Read more at http://tm3.org/c-

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