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Does the heat stack complete?  If not does it show errors. Use the command 'heat event-list my_stack' this will show you the events and what completed and what didn't. If you have errors you can check heat-engine.log for detailed errors 

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> On May 29, 2015, at 10:21 AM, ICHIBA Sara <ichi.sara at gmail.com> wrote:
> First thank you for your response, I will tell you what I did and you tell me what I need to add.
> I used those two files (plz find them attached) with the command heat stack-create my_stack -f autoscaling.yaml.
> The stack was spawn correctlty and I can see in the dashboard two instances, the database server and the web server. But I can't access the web server and  when I take a look at the members of my pool , it says that my web server is inactive. and After a while it just disappear.
> 2015-05-29 15:58 GMT+02:00 Lars Kellogg-Stedman <lars at redhat.com>:
>> On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 10:34:00AM +0200, ICHIBA Sara wrote:
>> > <http://myopensourcelife.com/2014/09/13/autoscaling-in-openstack-using-heat-and-ceilometer-part-1/>
>> > but can't make it work as I have some difficulties to set up the
>> > infrastructure needed.
>> What sort of problems are you having?  What is working, and what isn't
>> working?
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> <autoscaling.yaml>
> <lb_server.yaml>
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