[Rdo-list] [heat] Authorization failed

ICHIBA Sara ichi.sara at gmail.com
Tue May 26 12:09:28 UTC 2015

Hey there,

I installed the latest version of openstack with RDO kilo. and did all the
necessary configuration to make heat work.

I used this command to generate new credentials for heat as I had found the
error authorization failed in my heat-engine.log :

$ heat-keystone-setup-domain \

--stack-user-domain-name heat_user_domain \

--stack-domain-admin heat_domain_admin \
--stack-domain-admin-password heat_domain_password

My problem is that I still have the same problem even if I had updated my
heat.conf with these information and rebooted my openstack controller and

any ideas?

2015-05-26 13:48:40.380 5046 DEBUG keystoneclient.session [-] Request
returned failure status: 401 request
2015-05-26 13:48:40.380 5046 DEBUG keystoneclient.v3.client [-]
Authorization failed. get_raw_token_from_identity_service
2015-05-26 13:48:40.381 5046 ERROR heat.common.keystoneclient [-] Domain
admin client authentication failed
2015-05-26 13:48:40.405 5046 INFO heat.engine.stack [-] Stack CREATE FAILED
(scaleup_down): Authorization failed.
2015-05-26 13:48:40.406 5046 INFO heat.engine.service [-] Stack create
failed, status FAILED
2015-05-26 13:48:40.408 5046 DEBUG heat.engine.stack_lock [-] Engine
eb952064-9ddf-498a-b60a-5bd725fdbbef released lock on stack
c4dfd3f5-405e-439c-89ba-b65f8add7e74 release
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