[Rdo-list] neutron added python-six build dependency

Alan Pevec apevec at gmail.com
Tue May 12 18:46:07 UTC 2015

> neutron just added [1] a new 'six' dependency to be able to build a
> source tarball. Now, delorean/kilo crashes [2] (it seems it crashes

nitpick: it's Delorean Trunk i.e. Liberty ATM

> for CentOS only. I suspect python-six is available in default Fedora
> image, that's why). It goes like this:
> I wonder what's the best way to handle it? From one side, it's
> probably the easiest to add python-six build dependency to neutron
> packages. From the other side, it's not really a neutron dependency
> but a delorean+neutron one. Building from tarballs should not need it.

It feels like we should formalize the list of implied build deps in
Delorean[*] and add python-six to it:


[*] https://github.com/openstack-packages/delorean/blob/master/scripts/build_rpm.sh#L20-L21

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