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Date: Sunday, May 3, 2015 at 10:15 AM
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Subject: [Rdo-list] Defects in Kilo RC2 Packaging


I recently ported Kolla (OpenStack running in containers – http://github.com/stackforge/kolla) and found the following defects:

1. Glance has missing dependencies in its package
Specifically +RUN yum -y install openstack-glance python-oslo-log
python-oslo-policy && yum clean all
Is needed to get glance to operate.  Oslo-log and oslo-policy should be
added to the dependencies.  You wouldn¹t notice this on an AIO install
because other packages probably have those packages as dependencies.

2. Neutron for whatever reason depends on a file fwwas_driver.ini which
has been removed from the master of neutron.  But the agents will exit if
its not in the config directory.  I used juno¹s version of
fwaas_driver.ini to get the agents to stop exiting.

3. The file dnsmasq-neutron.conf is misconfigured in the default
installation.  This causes the neutron agents to exit.  I delete the file
during docker build which fixes the problem.  I¹m not sure what this
config file is supposed to look like.

I found the root cause of this problem.  This was actually an error in Kolla.  Neutron-dnsmasq.conf (where you would specify a 1450 MTU if using vlans) cannot go in the same directory as /etc/neutron where the agents read config files when used with the —config-dir option.  The agents try to read all configuration files there as INI format files, which dnsmasq is not formatted as.

4. A critical bug was found in both Juno and Kilo versions of nova.  If I
launch approximately 20 Vms via a heat resource group with floating ips,
only about 7 of the Vms get ports assigned.  The others do get their ports
assigned because they can access dhcp and metadata server, so their
networking is operational.  Neutron port-list shows their ports are
active.  However nova-list does not show their IPs from the instance info

My only workaround to this problem is to run the icehouse version of nova
(api, conductor, scheduler, compute) which works perfectly.  I have filed
a bug with a 100% reliable easy to use reproducer and more details and
logs here:


Interestingly in my informal tests icehouse nova is about 4x faster at
placing Vms in the active state as compared to juno or kilo, so that may
need some attention as well.  Just watching top, it appears neutron-server
is much busier (~35% cpu utilization of 1 core during the entire ->ACTIVE
process) with the juno/kilo releases.

Note I spent about 7 days trying to debug this problem but the code
literally calls IP assignments in about 40 different places in the code
base, including exchanges over RPC and python-neutronclient, so it is very
difficult to track.  I would appreciate finding a nova expert to debug the
problem further.

Other than those problems, RDO Kilo RC2 looks spectacular and works
perfectly in my dead chicken testing.  Nice job guys!


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