[Rdo-list] Unsubscribe requests

Kashyap Chamarthy kchamart at redhat.com
Thu Jan 22 09:42:39 UTC 2015

On Thu, Jan 22, 2015 at 02:42:14PM +0530, Venu Murthy wrote:
> This mail was rather rude Kashyap, and I would have expected a little more
> considerate reply, 

Hmm, you're right. maybe it's the sheer volume of email I deal with that
prompted me with that tone. Sorry about that, didn't mean any malice

> because it is your company that is at fault here.

I don't really agree. Red Hat is not at _fault_. It's a community
mailing list, and why would a fair-playing community open source project
want to mass-subscribe people thoso who didn't intend to?

> Why is it so much a trouble for you go ahead and investigate and remove all
> those IDs that were added in by mistake? Or update all on what has been
> done so far?

Venu, as you can imagine, that's exactly the intention. There was even a
publicly recorded IRC meeting last evening (doesn't imply everyone needs
to keep an eye on it) to update the community mailing list (as the info
arrives) and mass-unsubscribe those didn't intend to.

The news is still: Mailing list infrastructure team is investigating in
a systematic manner to identify the root cause.
> Btw when we go to unsubscribe it asks for a password,

I think you're looking at the wrong place, unsubscribing doesn't need
any password. Here's the correct procedure: Second section on this page
is where you see "Unsubscribe"


and it clearly says:

    "By clicking on the Unsubscribe button, a confirmation message will
    be emailed to you. This message will have a link that you should
    click on to complete the removal process (you can also confirm by
    email; see the instructions in the confirmation message)."

> and then we have to do a password reset and so on to unsubscribe from
> a mailing list, that we've never subscribed to and I don't even know
> how my email id has landed up with your company. That's another can of
> worms to investigate I suppose, or is that too my fault.

It's a community mailing list adminstered publicly. On the surface, it
appears to be a crack that unfortunately mass-subscribed a bunch of
people that didn't intend to.

Most community mailing lists go through something like this at some
point in time. Blaming won't get us anywhere, some patience is
appreciated. Hope you agree there.

Again, this was not intended by the RDO project, sorry about that.


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