[Rdo-list] Juno EPEL packages

David Hill david.hill at ubisoft.com
Mon Jan 12 16:18:57 UTC 2015

Hello Alan,

	I think dropping Centos6/RHEL6/OEL6 support at this time is premature (IMHO).
I don't think we'll be updating to Centos7 this year and for this reason, I'll be maintaining
packages on my side for internal use so... if I can give a little time home to get these
packages done for the community while using community build system, it would be awesome
and give me the opportunity to learn new stuff.  I'm already familiar with build systems 
(spec files, rpms, signature, Jenkins, etc) so it wouldn't be that much of an effort (I guess).

If we don't need python27 it's even better.


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>                 I’m volunteering to maintain Centos/RHEL/OEL 6 packages for
> Juno if nobody’s doing it yet.

Thanks for stepping up, I've created a trello card for this effort and
added initial notes:
Repeating here:
* python27 is not there yet in EPEL6 (under review
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=829892 ) but it would also
require to rebuild ALL python deps as python27-* so not an option
* Juno is still python 2.6 compatible so single spec should work (see
f21 branch for examples where single spec is used to build all of
Fedora/el6/el7 builds of Icehouse

> How do I proceed to get involved in this project?  We’re already building
> packages internally with a
> set of custom patches and I feel like moving to RHEL 7.x will take lots of
> effort to lots of people.

There are also benefits (newer kernel/qemu-kvm/libvirt) on EL7 which
you should consider also you'll have to make a switch at one point.

> There’s already a python-2.7 package in EPEL (I think) if

python27 is still under review, but even if it gets into EPEL7 soon I
wouldn't suggest that route (see above)

> Juno/Kilo/Lima/Mike requires python-2.7

Juno still works with python 2.6, >= Kilo requires python >= 2.7

> there’s always ways of getting around those requirements.

Supporting py26 where upstream abandoned it would be a fork and RDO
strives to be close to upstream.

Way forward here would be to check Fedora Rawhide (f22 i.e. master
branch) openstack-* specs and add support to build on el6.
Also you might want to consider keeping only Compute nodes on EL6 and
migrate Controllers to EL7.
In that case we would need to maintain only openstack-nova Juno for EL6.


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