[Rdo-list] Juno EPEL packages

David Hill david.hill at ubisoft.com
Mon Jan 12 05:11:57 UTC 2015

Hi guys,

                I'm volunteering to maintain Centos/RHEL/OEL 6 packages for Juno if nobody's doing it yet.
How do I proceed to get involved in this project?  We're already building packages internally with a
set of custom patches and I feel like moving to RHEL 7.x will take lots of effort to lots of people.
There's already a python-2.7 package in EPEL (I think) if Juno/Kilo/Lima/Mike requires python-2.7
there's always ways of getting around those requirements.

BTW, I would like to know if there're lots of people using RHEL 6.X or are we only a small subset
of the community?

Thank you very much,
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