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Javier Pena javier.pena at redhat.com
Tue Dec 15 10:49:02 UTC 2015

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> Hi all (but specifically Puppet folks in CC :)
> we need to rebase openstack-puppet-modules[1] (short OPM) to Mitaka
> while leaving Liberty on the stable branch asap.
> OPM is a special case in Delorean, it is built from master-patches,
> not master like other projects, because there are always some patches
> required by packstack or rdom which are not or cannot be merged in
> upstream openstack-puppet.
> For Delorean Liberty rdoinfo was not forked, instead Delorean was
> modified to try distro and source branch specified in projects.ini[2]
> then fallback to default rpm-master and master respectively. This
> works nicely for most of the projects but fallback is not active when
> branch is specified explicitly in rdoinfo, like it is for OPM
> special-case[3].
> Alternative solutions are:
> 1. fork rdoinfo for Liberty
> 2. modify Delorean to support this special case
> 3. modify OPM repo to match working schema for other projects

I'm +1 for option 3, as well. I know there were historical reasons for the current naming scheme, but I cannot think of any good reason right now. Martin, can you shed some light?


> AD 1. I'm -2, fork for just one special case is unjustified and
> keeping everything else in sync would be wasteful.
> AD 2. After quick poking at it, clear -2 from me.
> AD 3. Rename branches in OPM repo like this:
> current master -> upstream-master (verbatim copies of upstream
> modules' master branches)
> master-patches -> master (non-upstream patches rebased on top of
> upstream-master)
> current stable/liberty -> upstream-liberty (verbatim copies of
> upstream modules' stable/liberty branches)
> liberty-patches -> stable/liberty  (non-upstream patches rebased on
> top of upstream-liberty)
> This would work immediately with current Delorean tooling, only
> required change is to remove source-branch in rdoinfo for OPM,
> and I hope OPM tooling could be modified easily to handle this change?
> Cheers,
> Alan
> [1] https://github.com/redhat-openstack/openstack-puppet-modules
> [2]
> https://github.com/redhat-openstack/delorean-instance/blob/2c182dd57c590cb17117d9e114bce72e13d6c394/delorean-user-data.txt#L201-L202
> [3]
> https://github.com/redhat-openstack/rdoinfo/blob/60e523481def987d6592f0dc6dbdd86016351724/rdo.yml#L491
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