[Rdo-list] RDO/OpenStack blog posts from last week

Rich Bowen rbowen at redhat.com
Tue Dec 8 15:35:41 UTC 2015

After a really quiet week last week, we have a lot of great blog posts
this week.

Our cloud in Kilo, by Tim Bell

Following on from previous upgrades, CERN migrated the OpenStack cloud
to Kilo during September to November. Along with the bug fixes, we are
planning on exploiting the significant number of new features,
especially as related to performance tuning. The overall cloud
architecture was covered at the Tokyo OpenStack summit video

… read more at http://tm3.org/41

Evolving IT architectures: It can be hard, by Gordon Haff

This is the second in a series of posts that delves deeper into the
questions that IDC’s Mary Johnston Turner and Gary Chen considered in a
recent IDC Analyst Connection. The second question asked: What are the
typical challenges that organizations need to address as part of this
evolution [to IT that at least includes a strong cloud-native component]?

… read more at http://tm3.org/42

How cloud-native needs cultural change, by Gordon Haff

This is the third in a series of posts that delves deeper into the
questions that IDC’s Mary Johnston Turner and Gary Chen considered in a
recent IDC Analyst Connection. The third question asked: How will IT
management skills, tools, and processes need to change [with the
introduction of cloud-native architectures]?

… read more at http://tm3.org/43

Getting Started with Tripleo by Adam Young

OpenStack is big. I’ve been focused on my little corner of it, Keystone,
for a long time. Now, it is time for me to help out with some of the
more downstream aspects of configuring RDO deployments. In order to do
so, I need to do an RDO deployment. Until recently, this has meant
Packstack. However, Packstack really is not meant for production
deployments. RDO manager is the right tool for that. So, I am gearing up
on RDO manager. The upstream of RDO Manager is TripleO.

… read more at http://tm3.org/44

Testing OpenStack is hard by David Moreau Simard

There are currently almost 50 official OpenStack projects There is over
1000 source and binary packages built and provided by the official RDO
repositories These packages are bundled, integrated or provided by many
different installers and vendors There are countless deployment use
cases ranging from simple private clouds to large scale complex and
highly available public clouds

… read more at http://tm3.org/45

Thinking outside the box and outside the gate to improve OpenStack and
RDO by David Moreau Simard

I recently explained how testing everything in OpenStack is hard. The
reality is that the RDO community has finite resources. Testing
everything is not just hard, it’s time consuming and expensive. I’ve
been thinking a lot about how to tackle this and experimented around
ways to improve our test coverage in this context.

… read more at http://tm3.org/46

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