[Rdo-list] Autoscaling stack croaks warning messages about trustee

Takenaka Kazuhiro takenaka_kazuhiro_p7 at lab.ntt.co.jp
Fri Dec 4 02:21:24 UTC 2015

Hi, All

I have tried to run an autoscaling stack by Heat
on the Openstack Liberty environment.

The environment consists of the RHEL7.1 nodes and
Openstack Liberty was installed by PackStack.

At the first time I ran an autoscaling stack, it didn't work
because of an installation problem; python-redis had not been 

After installation of python-redis, I tried again and the
autoscaling stack is working now. 

But I found another problem. The following message 
periodically appears in /var/log/heat/heat-engine.log

2015-12-01 17:23:25.034 6231 WARNING heat.common.context [req-22848a8b-892b-4996-bf12-56d17181d878 - f023b311e4364188be9dc2ca33726467] Using the keystone_authtoken user as the heat trustee user directly is deprecated. Please add the trustee credentials you need to the trustee section of your heat.conf file.

I looked /etc/heat/heat.conf made by PackStack and
confirmed no trustee section is in it.

I also compared the content of my heat.conf with the following
web page.


I noticed the following things besides the trustee section issue.

(A) My heat.conf has some definitions in below
    which aren't used in the DEFAULT section of 
    the draft web page.

    deferred_auth_method = trusts
    trusts_delegated_roles = heat_stack_owner

(B) The keystone_authtoken sections have many differences.

  My heat.conf:
  Draft Page:
    auth_uri = http://controller:5000
    auth_url = http://controller:35357
    auth_plugin = password
    project_domain_id = default
    user_domain_id = default
    project_name = service
    username = heat
    password = HEAT_PASS

My questions is

Can I configure the heat-engine service not to croak
the warning message about trustee?

Takenaka Kazuhiro < takenaka_kazuhiro_p7 at lab.ntt.co.jp >

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