[Rdo-list] rdo-manager hostname issues with rabbitmq

Hugh O. Brock hbrock at redhat.com
Thu Apr 30 13:03:07 UTC 2015

On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 08:15:35AM -0400, James Slagle wrote:
> Hi, there were a few different threads related to rdo-manager and encountering
> rabbitmq errors related to the hostname when installing the undercloud. 
> I was able to reproduce a couple different issues, and in my environment it
> came down to $HOSTNAME not matching the defined FQDN hostname. You could
> use hostnamectl to set a hostname, but that does not update $HOSTNAME in your
> current shell.
> rabbitmq-env, which is sourced at the start of rabbitmq-server, reads the
> hostname from $HOSTNAME in some scenarios, and then uses that value to define
> the rabbit node name. Therefore, if you have a mismatch between $HOSTNAME and
> the actual FQDN, things can go off the rails with rabbitmq.
> I've tried to address this issue in this patch:
> https://review.gerrithub.io/#/c/232052/
> For the virt-setup, setting of the FQDN hostname and adding it to /etc/hosts
> will now be done automatically, with the instack.localdomain used. The hostname
> can always be redefined later if desired.
> For baremetal, I've added some notes to the docs to hopefully cover the
> requirements.
> --
> -- James Slagle
> --

Good catch James. Hopefully this will unblock a number of folks who have
been hitting this.


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