[Rdo-list] OpenStack Juno: best way to implement quotas?

Steve Poe steve.poe at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 23:24:28 UTC 2015

My colleagues and I are looking at using OpenStack Juno internally using in
various install methods (pre-packaged enterprise offering, manual via
packages, etc. I picked RDO. I am responsible for evaluating quota usage.

 We'll have different development teams using our environment in one
network. Each development team may have their own project where quotas can
be adjusted when necessary. However, each project/tenant gets its own
network. I wish I could associate multiple projects with one network.

I was hoping to use projects in managing/implementing quotas (instances,
cores, ram, storage, etc.) for the dev teams, but maybe I am approaching
incorrectly. Any suggestions?


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