[Rdo-list] [packaging] add token flush cronjob script to keystone package

Christian Berendt christian at berendt.io
Wed Apr 15 14:11:24 UTC 2015

Can you please add a hourly token flush cronjob script to the keystone
package like seen in other distributions? At the moment we manually add
this cronjob in the installation guide with the following command:

# (crontab -l -u keystone 2>&1 | grep -q token_flush) || \
  echo '@hourly /usr/bin/keystone-manage token_flush
>/var/log/keystone/keystone-tokenflush.log 2>&1' \
  >> /var/spool/cron/keystone

It would be nice to be able to remove this command for RDO, it is only
necessary with RDO at the moment.


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