[Rdo-list] issue about add compute node

lei mei meilei007 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 12:06:26 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,
    When I add a new compute node to the openstack which I deployed some
months ago, I meet a problem about the package version incompatible.
Detail thing is below:
    1. I prepare a clean centos 7 system and add the ip address to the
packstack answer file.
    2. Run packstack
    3. Everything looks fine and I get the successful hint at last.
    4. But I find the nova-compute service can't start on new compute node
with below log:
        nova compute service fail to start due to "Connection to the
hypervisor is broken on host"
     5. I checked the libvirt on compute node, find it has upgrade to the
latest version but the old openstack use the old version. And a lot of
packages on compute node have the newer version than the old openstack.

So I want to know how do you add a new compute node to the old openstack
avoid this package version incompatible issue? BTW, I use the default yum
repo, so should I maintain a internal static repo for expand the openstack?

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