[Rdo-list] python-kombu 1.1.3 is not recommended version of Icehouse

Pádraig Brady pbrady at redhat.com
Mon May 26 12:13:13 UTC 2014

On 05/25/2014 10:19 AM, Belmiro Moreira wrote:
> Hi,
> in our setup we are using Rabbitmq clustered with mirrored queues.
> Is this the recommended kombu version for this configuration?

I presume by "this" you mean v2.5.16 I suggested syncing up between el6 and el7.
There doesn't seem to be any specific mention of "clustering", "HA" or "mirrored"
in the kombu or amqp changelogs, though I did notice this issue that was
worked around in oslo.messaging: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/76686/
Possibly related to that is improved support for heartbeat in python-amqp-1.4.0

Anyway the OpenStack upstream requirements for both Havana and Icehouse are:

$:requirements (stable/icehouse)$ grep -E "(amqp|kombu)" global-requirements.txt

So bumping to 2.5.16 shouldn't negatively impact anything I think.


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