[Rdo-list] Automatic resizing of root partitions in RDO Icehouse

Kashyap Chamarthy kchamart at redhat.com
Sun May 11 05:24:52 UTC 2014

> Hey, thanks! this method indeed worked nicely with CentOS 6.5 image in RDO
> Icehouse! :D
> I didn't do the puppet part since I've no puppet server to test but it
> wasn't needed, also I used virt-sparcify instead of step 13 qemu-image
> convert
> I also tried the oz-install method but it failed everytime with the
> following exception:
> "raise oz.OzException.OzException("No disk activity in %d seconds, failing.
>  %s" % (inactivity_timeout, screenshot_text))"
> No matter the install type (url or iso) and didn't matter creating this in
> different machines with different specs (more ram, cpu, fast disks...)

I just did a simple test to create a guest via Oz on Fedora 20 and it
just works. Here's my invocation details:

TDL file:

  $ cat f20.tdl
      <install type='url'>
    <description>Fedora 20</description>

Invoke `oz-install`:

    $ oz-install -d 4 f20.tdl 2>&1 | tee f20.log

Once the install is done, define the libvirt XML for the guest and start

    $ virsh define f20-jeos
    $ virsh start f20-jeos --console

> Anyhow, thank you all for the help and tips! very appreciated ;)
> Any chance to include this method in RDO docs?

"It's a wiki, be bold" :-). You can trivially make docs once you 
login with your OpenID or other mechanisms listed on RDO wiki.


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