[Rdo-list] deploy RDO in non-internal environment

Pádraig Brady pbrady at redhat.com
Wed May 7 12:00:52 UTC 2014

On 05/07/2014 06:53 AM, Kun Huang wrote:
> Hi guys
> I want to use RDO as default openstack deployment in my lab. However there are many reasons servers could visit external network. So at least I should clone RDO-related repositories first, such as EPEL and the below is in my plan:
> epel, epel-testing, foreman, puppetlabs, rdo-release
> Are those enough? And anybody has tried?

It should work, and the above are currently enough.
I'd advise to manage the repo syncing automatically though
with something like http://www.pulpproject.org/ or mrepo.


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